I was pleased to be invited to give a Keynote talk at The Ninth International Conference On Big Data Analytics 2021 December 15-18, 2021 at Indian Institute Of Information Technology Allahabad (IIITA), Prayagraj, India on our recent work with Mariam Barry,Raja Chiky, Jacob Montiel and Vinh-Thuy Tran.

Here is the paper:


Banking Information Systems continuously generate large quantities of data as inter-connected streams (transactions, events logs, time series, metrics, graphs, process, etc.). Such data streams need to be processed online to deal with critical business applications such as real-time fraud detection, network security attack prevention or predictive maintenance on information system infrastructure. Many algorithms have been proposed for data stream learning, however, most of them do not deal with the important challenges and constraints imposed by real-world applications. In particular, when we need to train models incrementally from heterogeneous data mining and deployment them within complex big data architecture. Based on banking applications and lessons learned in production environments of BNP Paribas – a major international banking group and leader in the Eurozone – we identified the most important current challenges for mining IT data streams. Our goal is to highlight the key challenges faced by data scientists and data engineers within complex industry settings for building or deploying models for real word streaming applications. We provide future research directions on Stream Learning that will accelerate the adoption of online learning models for solving real-word problems. Therefore bridging the gap between research and industry communities. Finally, we provide some recommendations to tackle some of these challenges.



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