I was pleased to be invited to give a Keynote talk at The Ninth International Conference […]
I was honoured that Björn Bringmann, Deloitte AI Institute Managing Director, used one of my quotes […]
 This whitepaper discusses current AI capabilities in Aotearoa New Zealand and offers recommendations for establishing Aotearoa […]
River is a Python library for online machine learning. It is the result of a merger between creme and scikit-multiflow. […]
Incremental learning, online learning, and data stream learning are terms commonly associated with learning algorithms that […]
The Streaming Random Patches (SRP) algorithm is a new ensemble method specially adapted to stream classification […]
We propose an unified approach similar to the model proposed by Nobel Prize in Economics laureate […]
Today many information sources—including sensor networks, financial markets, social networks, and healthcare monitoring—are so-called data streams, […]
Rainer Maria Rilke gave in “Letters to a Young Poet” some advice to a young poet […]
In this paper, we discuss the surprising result that non-change detectors can outperform change-detectors when used […]