I was very happy to be invited to give an invited talk at the 8th Asian […]
We presented this week our tutorial “IoT Big Data Stream Mining” at KDD 2016 in San […]
A list of books and resources that are available online for learning Data Science: Industry Mc […]
SigKDD Explorations
For the Big Data Mining SIGKDD Explorations Dec 2012, we selected four contributions that together show […]
There are many future important challenges in Big Data management and analytics, that arise from the […]
The Big Data phenomenon is intrinsically related to the open source software revolution. Large companies such […]
UN Global Pulse
To show the usefulness of Big Data mining, we would like to mention the work that […]
Big Data is a new and emerging hot topic, that has generated a great deal of […]
The term “Big Data” appeared for first time in 1998 in a Silicon Graphics (SGI) slide […]